Feb 2011: Heater matrix O Ring Replacement Part 1

Panel removal

Remove the panel under the steering wheel. Open centre cubby, remove two screws and lift the switch console back and Lift the gearbox surround out

Remove the two screws holding the panels on (both sides)

With the centre console apart, you can see what you need to do , which is to lift the panel UP over the lip.

Then bend the panel outwards and then at the same time slide it back whilst pulling it down by the radio where the join is.

Remove the Instrument cluster bezel

Then loosen the 4 screws holding the cluster inside. Leave the screws in the plastic, so its easy to put it back together.

Remove the glove box. I was in denial on this for a while, but you do need to remove it

Remove the three screws at the top

Then remove the front two plastic screws (stupid things just mush up, had to force them out

This reveals the bolts holding the glove box in, which you remove.

With the glovebox out, look underneath and locate the four star shaped bolts that hold the air  bag in .Luckily I had this in my tool kit that I inherited from my late friend Matt. (torx e10 socket)

Officially the next step is to remove that wooden bezel between the glove box and air bag. I was trying to lever it out but it didn’t really seem to move and I was worried about breaking the bezel - this is an autobiography and I thought maybe its bolted on or something  - as I could see screws.

So instead I decided to force the airbag unit past the bezel, the theory being that I will be able to see what's going on. It’s took quite a bit of brute force, but I managed to pop it past the bezel. I may of been lucky - I don’t know.

With the air bag out I could see that the bezel appeared to be bolted on, but once I had the whole dash out I can see that its pushed into some plastic clips - its just bloody tight.

Next step is the nearside air ducts.   Optional - There is a big one at the bottom going from the blower - just wriggle it out. I dont think you actually need to remove this duct - so try leaving it in.

The upper one going to the dashboard vent is held on with a single screw, undo this screw and it will wiggle out.

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