Jon's Westfield Seight

Jon was thinking of fitting a 4 pot into his new Westfield,After a couple of beers, Jon was persauded into the benefits of fitting a huge V8 into his little car. I'm doing the engine, here's some photos.

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The Engine Rebuild:

ARP stud kit fitted, and the mains were checked with plastiguage.

Trumpet modifcation

We removed 40mm of all of the trumpets. They were removed by heating the base up with a BIG blow torch and simply pulling them out by hand.
Big Blowtorch and burnt fingers gets those suckers out Dad with his patented blue sweatshirt turning them down. Bit of sandblasting and they are done.

Throttle Modification

The 3.9 hotwire throttle dosn't clear the fuel-rail, so I cut about 1/2" from it and re-welded the strengthing bar back in
This shows where I cut it down. Gap is about 1/2inch The bar was re-welded in to keep strength Finished job The effect of techclean on cylinder heads:

Both cylinder heads have been gas-flowed, the inlets made larger etc. (Cylinder head work performed by

Various bits and bobs were sandblasted

Pictures of a Factory built westfield

Date around 28/3/2003

Factory Plenum Mod

Some other westfield seights Ive taken photos of


Finally some progress after a lull of around a year. Decided to run with a LT77 box, after drawing a blank on a cost effective R380 or T5.

We put the car on car ramps, to give us clearance underneath for body fit. The transmission tunnel has been carefully lined with heat reflective cloth.

A two ton engine hoist and load leveller made this precarious job easier, but still a two man job.

Even so, you do wonder if it will fit in!

We've had a long debate over timing covers and water pumps. All along we have been told you need a P6 assembly, but I couldn't see why the std range rover item wouldn't fit. No-one could tell us definitively what the problem was, apart from "it doesn't fit". The problem, is that the RR item is to far over to the left (offside) this doesn't give any room for the belt to go around the alternator. On the P6 Item, the pump is in the middle (photo to follow)

Update 1/3/2007

After about 3 or 4 years, Its finally running:
Youtube video