Suzuki GSX1000 Throttle Bodies onto a Ford Zetec Engine

I'm helping out Asad fitting throttle bodies to his Squirted Zetec Fiesta.

Using a Focus ST170 Lower inlet manifold and some adapters its possible to fit the GSX throttle bodies without too many problems. The first problem is that the inlets are oval and the throttle bodies are round. A small piece of 14 gauge ally tube was flared out using a press and then ovalised (using a vice) to make the transition from one to another.

The plastic inlet manifold was also blended to the adapter using a die-grinder

The next problem is that the throttle plates no longer touch each other because the spacing has been increased. The was solved by carefully tig welding small extenders onto two of the bodies.

The ST170 Zetec Fuel Rail is dead-ended, so a fitting needs adding to the rail. Decent welding called for here, no birdshit on critical fuel lines.

The manifold was blended round with a die grinder

Here's the final assembly. Ive added brackets to support the weight of the whole assembly.

Some (hastily added) initial install photo's