Compare the cost of running a petrol car against a diesel car

Diesel Mythbuster

With the high cost of Diesel don't assume you will be better off changing your car to a Diesel.
Use my calculator see how long it would take to recoup the cost.

Calculate your dMPG

Because Diesel costs considerably more than Petrol, your effective MPG in a petrol car is higher.
(When I originally wrote this application there was a 10ppl spread between petrol and diesel - that is no longer the case)
Your Petrol Car's MPG:
Cost of Petrol in pence: (Prices as of 14/09/2012 - Click here to see todays prices)
Cost of Diesel in pence:
Your petrol car does is same as a diesel car returning:

Calculate the savings if you change to Diesel

If do less than 10,000 miles a year you may be better off keeping your petrol car - at least until you were going to change it anyway.
Enter your annual Petrol car Mileage
Enter MPG of the Diesel car you are considering
Enter the price in to change your car to Diesel

You will save per year in fuel if you swap your car to Diesel and will take Years to recoup your money.

My BMW 540 recently returned 34MPG by driving very carefully, I much prefer wafting around in my V8 over a clattery old taxi-cab

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